At aspire management consulting led by Victor Mathias, we offer strategic & cutting edge insight, analysis, clarity, insider information and ideation that enables individuals, businesses, private and public sector organizations access a greater level of productivity, results, funding, grants, partnerships and scale so they are able to produce a far higher percentage of results & expansion with same human and material resources that saw them struggle.

To maximize both my time and that of clients, I provide 2 hour one-on-one or group sessions booked in advance.

If you will like to book a Business Coaching session with me, kindly preview the details in the categories below.

For CEOs & Directors of corporations, Conglomerates, the public sector and Multinationals.

Book an individual personalized Session: $1,000 USD

To book a session for your Board or Management Team: $5,000 USD

Executive Management Team Consulting (Retainer): $20,000 USD.

For young entrepreneurs and start-ups

Book an individual personalized session: $100 USD

For SME Management Consulting: $500 USD.

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