My Story

I grew up in a ghetto in Kaduna State located in the heart of Northern Nigeria in an environment where to fail became a norm because most of the people there didn’t give themselves.

Trying to succeed was really going against the grail as you were offered lots of the wrong influences that before the end of your teenage age, you would have become comfortable with failure to the extent that you won’t see it as such but as living the life.

Many of my mates and friends became fathers or got pregnant in their teens & that was no big deal. Faced with that reality, I chose a different reality from the status quo.

I began to study the lives of great people and simply became a student of life. I would spend at least 6 hours daily reading books and newspapers that had nothing to do with with my school work.

In the process of time, my mindset shifted, I began to make better choices in other areas of my life and the rest as they say is history.

I became a star undergraduate in the university and published three books before I graduated, having some of my lecturers sitting under my human capacity development seminars!

Today, I have spoken to diverse organizations both public and private in consulting/coaching sessions. I have been the Country Director of Satyagraha Institute, an international NGO, travelled to several countries to consult for clients and attend high ranking conferences that features the topmost political and business leaders around the world.

With all these, I still believe and desire to empower a whole lot more people and organizations one at a time.

Get in touch and let’s do more as we’re open to consulting, partnerships, training and giving back to communities.